Socata Caribbean Singles

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Tobago GT & Trinidad GT

Socata's "Caribbean" range of singles consists of five models that span from the fixed gear, 160HP Tampico to the 250HP Turbocharged, retractable gear TB21 TC Trinidad. 

All TBs were manufactured at Socata's plant in Tarbes in the south of France (hence the TB name).  The majority of aircraft destined for the US were certified in France and then dis-assembled and shipped in crates to Socata North America (Socata's US subsidiary) in Florida (close to Ft. Lauderdale) where they were re-assembled and configured for specific customer requirements.

The vast majority of TBs produced were "Generation One" TBs which were manufactured from 1977 to 2000.  In February of 2000, Socata launched an enhanced version of the TB family termed the GT series (for Generation Two).    The new TB GTs retain airframe structure, powerplant and the majority of flight systems from the original TB family but have a modified cabin with more headroom as well as some other enhancements.  For information on the GT series click here.  For more info on the original TB family including a model to model comparison click here.

While the TB family is no longer manufactured they are fully supported by Socata worldwide.

TB GT Pictures and Information

TB Generation One Model Information
TB Generation One

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