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Welcome to the Socata TB Users Group!

This site is dedicated to providing information and support on Socata's TB range of general aviation aircraft.

The primary mission of the Group is to provide members with information and assistance that will help keep Socata-built airplanes flying - safely and affordably, and to provide a forum for Socata pilots to discuss issues that effect them.

Here you will find the latest information on the TB fleet, user information and stories and pictures of users with their aircraft as well as a gateway to the "members only" message board where you can exchange tips and information with other TB Users.

Aviation News


Short Final

Recently, on flight following above Santa Barbara on a beautifully clear afternoon, approach was uncomfortably quiet. After several minutes of silence I called: ... Mooney 1234: "Approach, Mooney 1234. Is there anybody there to talk to?" ... Approach: "Mooney 1234, say request." ... Mooney 1234: "Just checking to see if it really is this quiet." ... Approach: "Yes, it really is." ... [Pause.] ... Approach: "Mooney 1234, contact L.A. Center on 135.5. You'll find somebody to talk to there." ... I took the hint. ... Mooney 1234: "135.5. Thanks." -- Ron Shave

NASM Celebrates 40th With Open House

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, in Washington, D.C., will stay open all night on Friday, July 1, to celebrate the building's 40th year. The free event also will celebrate the opening of the newly redesigned Milestones of Flight Hall, where historic aircraft are on display, including the Spirit of St. Louis, the Bell X-1 that first broke the sound barrier, SpaceShipOne, and more. The "All Night at the Museum" event will feature special tours and demonstrations by NASM staff, music by the U.S. Air Force Band, talks by aviation and space heroes, a film festival, and hands-on activities for kids.

FAA Taking Its Time On ADS-B Equipage

If the increasingly strident messages from the FAA about ADS-B equipage have you feeling the slightest pangs of guilt that you haven't written the check yet, take heart. The agency doesn't seem to be in too much of a hurry to get its own aircraft in compliance and it's shopping around.

BA Collision 'Not A Drone Incident'

The U.K. government is downplaying a widely circulated report that a British Airways A320 collided with a drone last month.

Hoverboard Record Shattered

A French Jet Ski racer has claimed a new record for hoverboard endurance with a flight that covered 1.4 miles. Guinness World Records confirmed that Franky Zapata performed the flight in front of its evaluators in Sausset-les-Pins in the South of France.

Aviation Today

uAvonix, DJI, Stanford Look to Use UAS Speed Changes to Enhance Sense-and-Avoid

[Avionics Today 05-02-2016] uAvionix, DJI and Stanford University are working together to develop sense-and-avoid technologies to help insure safe aircraft separation based on speed changes. Eric Mueller, an aerospace engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, and Stanford professor Mykel Kochenderfer...

Garmin Introduces GMA 245/245R Audio Panels for Experimental Aircraft

[Avionics Today 04-29-2016] Garmin Team X has incorporated features from the company's certified panel into a low-cost audio panel for the homebuilt and experimental aircraft. The GMA 245 and GMA 245R are all-digital, Bluetooth audio panels designed...

Gogo Finishes Biz Av 4G Testing

Gogo demonstrates the Biz Av 4G capability to run multiple videos at once. Photo: Gogo [Avionics Today 04-29-2016] Gogo has successfully completed the initial phase of flight testing for its Gogo Biz 4G service, designed to offer connectivity capabilities for the business aviation sector. During a recent...

Pentastar to Develop SmartSky STC for Gulfstream

Passengers using SmartSky's 4G network to connect in flight. Photo: SmartSky [Avionics Today 04-28-2016] When the SmartSky 4G network takes flight later this year, Pentastar Aviation will develop Standard Type Certificates...

Gulfstream GIV-SP With PlaneDeck Approved for Synthetic Vision Upgrade

Cockpit of Gulfstream GIV-SP with PlaneDeck. Photo: Gulfstream [Avionics Today 04-27-2016] The FAA has approved Gulfstream Aerospace to offer a synthetic vision upgrade to GIV-SP aircraft equipped with PlaneDeck. The avionics enhancement aims to increase crew situational awareness through the...


Missouri legislators, pilots ponder tax strategies

A bill to expand aircraft eligibility for a lower property tax rate is making its way before lawmakers, while an existing provision is reducing some tax bills.

Industry calls on FAA to issue final Part 23 rule

AOPA and eight other industry groups sent a letter urging the FAA to "work swiftly to implement" Part 23 reform and issue a final rule by the end of 2016. The letter comes on the eve of a two-day FAA public hearing on Part 23 changes in College Park, Georgia.

Student creates own company for first job

A Washington, D.C, area student has created his own computerized refueling system to handle paperwork more efficiently, safely, and less expensively, and FBOs are listening.

AOPA, CBP building on progress

Following a successful campaign to end unwarranted searches of general aviation aircraft, AOPA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection are looking at other ways to improve the experience of pilots flying cross-border operations.

Solar Impulse resumes journey

Solar Impulse co-founder and pilot André Borschberg lifted off from Moffett Federal Airfield before dawn May 2, headed for Phoenix.

Upcoming Events

2016 East Coast/Central TB Flyin Kansas City, MO May 19-22, 2016
2016 UK TB Gathering Popham, UK Aug 27-29, 2016