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Welcome to the Socata TB Users Group!

This site is dedicated to providing information and support on Socata's TB range of general aviation aircraft.

The primary mission of the Group is to provide members with information and assistance that will help keep Socata-built airplanes flying - safely and affordably, and to provide a forum for Socata pilots to discuss issues that effect them.

Here you will find the latest information on the TB fleet, user information and stories and pictures of users with their aircraft as well as a gateway to the "members only" message board where you can exchange tips and information with other TB Users.

Aviation News


Aircraft maintenance: Tips to clean your engine compartment

Serious problems can arise when attempting to clean an aircraft engine and cowl if proper care isn't taken.

July 3, 2015, AOPA ePilot: Flight Training Edition

July 3, 2015 ePilot Training Tip: Be ready

July 3, 2015, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletter

July 3, 2015 Test your WWII warbird knowledge; Apple GPS bug fix

Pilots flock to South Carolina's Southeast Aviation Expo

AOPA joined the South Carolina Aviation Association at its pilot-focused 2015 Southeast Aviation Expo for some Southern hospitality, education, and entertainment.

FAA reauthorization bill delayed

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has delayed plans to release its proposed FAA reauthorization legislation.


Record-Breaking Solar Impulse Lands In Hawaii

After nearly five days aloft "without a drop of fuel," Solar Impulse 2 pilot Andre Borschberg touched down in the early-morning light at Kalaleoa Airport in Hawaii. He has just crossed the Pacific from Japan, completing leg 8 of the solar-powered airplane's global voyage. In the meantime, Borschberg took the title for the longest nonstop solo flight, breaking Steve Fossett's 2005 record in the jet-powered GlobalFlyer.

Rocket Lab Building Launch Site In New Zealand

A remote spit of land on New Zealand's South Island will soon become a space launch site for Rocket Lab, which plans to offer low-cost launches for satellites using a smaller, specially designed rocket. The site is slated for completion by the end of the year and target markets will include universities and small startup companies, Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck told Bloomberg.

Engine Failure Likely In C-130 Crash In Indonesia

An Indonesian air force C-130 transport plane that crashed into a residential neighborhood in Medan, Indonesia, during departure on Tuesday had one failed propeller as the pilot attempted to return to the airport, authorities said in a CNN report Thursday. There were 122 people on board, including military personnel and their families, with no survivors confirmed.

New This Week

AVweb's search of aviation news around the world found new business alliances announced by Paradigm Precision, Pratt & Whitney, Plane Perfect and Maule Air; and recognition for two women in aviation – one from Whirly-Girls International and another from EAA.

LightSquared Wants FCC To Mandate GPS Interference Talks

LightSquared, the company that three years ago was proposing a nation-wide cell phone network whose signals were shown to disrupt GPS signals, is back. In a multi-billion dollar gambit that could reduce the cost of cell service, potentially at the expense of GPS, it's also asking the FCC to force GPS companies to help solve the technical issues that killed its plans a few years ago.