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Welcome to the Socata TB Users Group!

This site is dedicated to providing information and support on Socata's TB range of general aviation aircraft.

The primary mission of the Group is to provide members with information and assistance that will help keep Socata-built airplanes flying - safely and affordably, and to provide a forum for Socata pilots to discuss issues that effect them.

Here you will find the latest information on the TB fleet, user information and stories and pictures of users with their aircraft as well as a gateway to the "members only" message board where you can exchange tips and information with other TB Users.

Aviation News


Land Rover debuts technology aimed for cars that's meant for aviation

The name Land Rover is synonymous in the automotive world with luxury utility. It’s the ultimate SUV for the aristocracy, whether officially recognized as such or just self appointed. It’s never been considered the most innovate, or even the most reliable brand. A recent announcement may change that. The company is developing a forward-looking camera […]

Goodyear narrows names for new airship

After receiving nearly 15,000 submissions for its national “Name the Blimp” contest, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company¬†has selected 10 finalist names for its newest airship (pictured above). Now, fans can vote for their favorite name online, through May 9. ¬† The names up for voting are: Adventurer, Ambassador, Commitment, Excursion, Explorer, Goodwill, Inspiration, Pride […]

Strange but true general aviation news

No drones!! The FAA has taken exception with the Washington Nationals baseball team using a drone to take photos of its players during spring training, reports CBS Baltimore. ¬†The agency said the team should have informed them before taking the photos. Speaking of drones… AvWeb reports that an eight-year-old Irish lad had a tooth removed […]

Boeing 737 side-by-side with A380

A Boeing 737 looks like a miniature airplane next to an Airbus A380.

Strange but true general aviation news

Drinking and flying don’t mix. ¬†A man is facing DUI and obstructing a police officer after allegedly stealing an aircraft from¬†Boulder City Municipal Airport in Nevada, reports ¬†The man, seen “recklessly” taking off and landing five times, said he was trying to complete part of his pilot’s license. They should have just acted normal. […]


'Aviation Consumer' Paint Shop Survey 2014

Finding a reliable and skilled paint shop is a daunting challenge for many aircraft owners. If you've had your aircraft painted within the past few years, the editors at "Aviation Consumer" magazine want to know about your experience. Please take this brief survey, and the staff will report on the results in an upcoming issue of "Aviation Consumer."

Weekender: Airport Options For Everyone

A trip to the airport doesn't have to just be for pilots -- SocialFlight's listings include lots of opportunities to bring in new people and kids for an introduction to the diverse world of aviation. In Wisconsin, the Wausau Downtown Airport is hosting a Pilot for a Day event on Saturday. The curious can sign up for three hours of ground school and a chance to schedule a hands-on lesson in the airplane. In Texas, EAA's B-17G Flying Fortress will stop in Arlington next Tuesday, April 29, to sell rides and tours to all comers.

FAA Sued Over Model Aircraft Operations

A nonprofit organization that claims to have coordinated more than 1,400 aerial searches and finding more than 300 missing persons using model aircraft equipped with a camera is suing the FAA over the FAA's definition of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Textron Announces Beech, Cessna Layoffs

Not unexpectedly, just over a month after buying Beech Aircraft, Textron announced 750 job cuts at that company and at its Cessna division according to the Washington Post.

Eight Killed In Finnish Skydiving Crash

A Comp Air 8 aircraft carrying skydivers crashed in Finland on Sunday afternoon, killing eight people. The pilot and two skydivers were able to parachute to safety. The airplane was at about 10,000 feet when something went wrong -- some witnesses said parts of the aircraft appeared to detach before it began to descend, other reports cited possible engine trouble. The aircraft descended in a spin, according to witnesses, and was destroyed by fire on impact. "By Finnish standards, this is the most serious flight accident in decades," Ismo Aaltonen, an investigator with Finland's Safety Investigation Authority, said in a news conference.

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2014 East Coast TB Flyin Fernandina Beach, FL May 2-4, 2014
2014 European Flyin Schwaebisch-Hall, Germany (EDTY) May 29-Jun 1, 2014